My Atomos Rig: Piotr Kwasnik

    June 28th, 2021
    Join content creator Piotr Kwasnik from Kwasnik pictures whose speciality is music video content creation. In his #MyAtomosRig video, you’ll hear about the two different setups that Piotr uses. One with the Ninja V and the other with the Shinobi. Watch the full video to understand why each setup is used in different scenarios.


    Piotr Kwasnik from KwasnikPictures is a video creator & editor from New Zealand. He specialises in creating music videos, event videos and commercials. He started creating short films as a teenager, pursued his passion through to film school, and started his own video production team focusing on music videos and helping music artist to express -their vision. Music videos have been Piotr’s favourite video genre, as it allows a lot of creative freedom and experimenting with unique visuals. In between music videos, he also focuses on creating tech YouTube reviews and running his Instagram filmmaking accounts.

    Shinobi                 Ninja V
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