13 September 2023

On-set filming a spectacular music video

Filmmaker and Cinematographer Alexandru Don incorporates the Shogun Connect with the Sony FX6 camera and Nanlite Forza 300B II to effectively enhance his music production.

By Atomos

Alexandru has worked with many high-profile clients such as Volvo, Netflix and Sephora. He likes working with a small crew and believes being efficient is very important, so he uses the Shogun Connect to produce high quality content at a fast pace. Using the Shogun Connect enabled Alexandru to send footage quickly and easily to his editor while still working on set. Alexandru explained: “One of the most useful features is its ability to stream proxies directly to my editor’s computer via Wi-Fi. This helped us speed up the editing process and allowed us to meet our tight deadline.”

“Shooting in ProRes RAW allowed us to capture the best possible footage from our camera even in low-light conditions. As we were shooting in a dark environment, this was crucial for us.”

The Shogun’s high-definition 2000 nit screen allowed Alexandru to effectively view the finer details when filming, even when brightness was an issue on set. “It was a huge benefit having such a large screen, especially when filming in dark conditions. It meant I could see my shots better,” he said. “I cannot recommend this set-up enough. The products helped us to create a beautiful music video and allowed us to work efficiently and effectively under tight deadlines,” Alexandru concludes.

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