11 September 2023

Filming MAC beauty commercials with Atomos Cloud Studio

Canadian-based filmmaker Victor Laforteza combines the Ninja V with Atomos Connect and Sumo 19SE to shoot and edit a MAC beauty campaign for social media. Find out how the Atomos workflow helps Victor overcome the challenges of working to a strict deadline in a fast-paced environment.

By Atomos

When creating content for the fashion and beauty industry, Victor is often faced with cost and time restraints. He is continuously on the lookout for innovative solutions to help him overcome these problems, and to make his work as efficient as possible.

Having worked with Atomos products before, Victor was confident that integrating the Ninja V with Atomos Connect would enable him to capture the important shots he needed ready to send for editing. “The Atomos Camera to Cloud feature is straight forward and super easy to use as it automatically uploads your proxies while shooting” explains Victor. “I was able to record ProRes files while simultaneously sending off proxies through Frame.io.”

“Upgrading the Ninja V with Atomos Connect closed the gap between filmmaking and postproduction.”

One of the main advantages of this set-up was that by utilising the Camera to Cloud feature, his wider team in Taipei and Toronto were able to receive HD clips at the same time and edit without delay.

To examine the finer details of his work, Victor had the ability to monitor the footage throughout the day using the 19-inch screen of the Sumo 19SE saved time. With built in monitoring tools and ISO recording, Victor and his team were easily able to iron out any discrepancies quickly.

Victor also explains the added benefit of using a larger monitor on set. “The Sumo 19SE has a lot of mounting points, and we were able to put the monitor on its side so we could have a vertical view of the camera feed. This is particularly helpful when the client has a smaller team and all of them can review the footage on the spot.”

“Overall, I think the Camera to Cloud workflow makes everything faster on set and in post-production. The Ninja V and Atomos Connect definitely help us evolve our productions and be on top of filmmaking efficiencies.”

The large screen on the Sumo 19SE makes it easier for Victor to edit the images

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