15 September 2023

Behind the scenes for fashion film ‘Undercover’

Portuguese film production company Golpe Filmes captures footage for their exuberant fashion film ‘Undercover’ using the Ninja V+ and Atomos Connect combo, as well as Shogun Connect, to help streamline their end-to-end workflow.

By Atomos

For the production, the team used a combination of Ninja V+ monitor-recorder fitted with Atomos Connect, and Shogun Connect, mounted on to Sony FX30 and FX6 cameras. By cloud-enabling the devices in this way, the crew was able to share footage using Camera to Cloud, powered by Frame.io.

This strengthened the relationship between the team on set and the editor Jorge De Almeida off-site, who was able to review the shots in Frame.io and start the editing process while the cameras were still rolling.

“Frame.io is an intuitive, fast tool which does not compromise the work of an editor. It is fantastic because there is this premise that the completed work must be delivered in a faster way. In that sense Frame.io helps us completely.”

Director of Photography, Antonio Morais, was able to review each scene which helped him to easily assess the footage and make any adjustments before shooting the next scene. “The Atomos system allowed us to achieve continuity across all teams,” he added. While the team recognised they were experiencing an innovative technology for the first time, the workflows proved so useful that they are convinced they are here to stay. “Using Atomos Connect has been a useful experience on set. It makes the production and the postproduction faster,” Ricardo concluded.

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