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Camera to Cloud (C2C) is one of the fastest-growing technologies in video production. It massively speeds up the content creation process by reducing the time between acquisition and post-production because there’s no need to ship hard drives or copy files. C2C sends video from the camera directly to the cloud so that the editor, or editors, can access content remotely with just a standard internet connection. Atomos, with its network-connected, on-camera range of monitor-recorders, provides an easy and cost-effective way to adopt C2C workflows.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try it for yourself! Buy an Atomos connected monitor-recorder – choose from Zato Connect, Shogun or Shogun Ultra – or Atomos Connect (attaches to Ninja, Ninja Ultra, Ninja V & Ninja V+), and when you register it you can get a Camera to Cloud plan on Atomos Cloud Studio FREE for 6 months, worth $15/month.

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