NDI on the go


What is NDI?

NDI is specifically designed to deliver the lowest latency your network can support, and works across wired networks as well as mobile connections. NDI is easy to use and configure – sources and destinations appear automatically in menus, and any NDI source can connect to any NDI device on the network.


Global Ecosystem

Atomos & NDI

Atomos provides solutions for wireless or wired NDI transmitting and receiving in either HD or 4K UHD.

NDI is a powerful option, enabling high-quality network video even from a mobile device. As part of the global NDI ecosystem, you’ll be able to send and receive video to and from thousands of NDI-compatible destinations.

If you have a Ninja or Ninja Ultra fitted with Atomos Connect, simply purchase the NDI HX2 TX & RX firmware option for just $/€ 99 from my.atomos.com and you’ll be able to send HD NDI video over any suitable IP network.

New to AtomOS 11 and Ninja Ultra (fitted with Atomos Connect), Shogun Ultra and Shogun Connect is the ability to stream in 4K NDI for an additional $/€ 99 activation charge from my.atomos.com, or a complete one-off activation for $/€198 (both HD and 4K UHD).

Key Features

Atomos NDI HX2 TX & RX


Transmit video over any
Wi-Fi or Ethernet network using the NDI protocol


Receive 4K or HD NDI feeds from HX2 devices via the network


NDI HX2 transmission up to 1080p60 with Shogun Ultra and Ninja Ultra with Atomos Connect (1080p30 for Ninja and Atomos Connect)


NDI HX2 transmission up to 4Kp30 with Ninja Ultra with Atomos Connect, Shogun Ultra and Shogun Connect on AtomOS 11


Record input and NDI stream output in HD (stream only in 4K mode)

Multiple Formats

Recording is available in the ProRes, DNx, and H.265 (HEVC) codecs

Monitor the input

Monitor the input on the Atomos screen

Optional battery power

Operate untethered using the Atomos device’s optional battery power

NDI in Action

Use Cases

NDI is ideal for cameras in a fixed location, typically with Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) capabilities. But now, Atomos Connect NDI HX2 equips any HDMI or SDI camera to act as a mobile NDI transmitter.

Atomos Connect NDI HX2 connects to a local area network using either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. Once NDI is enabled, high-quality video is available to any suitable NDI-enabled device on the local area network subnet.

View, record or use the NDI source for OBS or a NewTek TriCaster, and then retransmit as part of a larger production.

NDI is free to use, and because it only needs a standard ethernet network, it is now ubiquitous in video applications like live production, videoconferencing, education and esports.

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