13 September 2023

Filming a vibrant performing arts sequence

Founder of Keefikus Entertainment and professional videographer, Keith Eccles, combines the Nanlite lighting system with the Ninja V and Atomos Connect to help speed up their production workflow at Bridgwater & Taunton College’s Performing Arts Department.

By Atomos

Having already completed a two day shoot at the college and keen to enhance his set-up this time around, Keith notes: “The one thing we wished we had at the time was something like the Atomos Connect system.” Keith combined the Ninja V and Atomos Connect with the Sony FX6 camera, Nanlite Pavotubes and Forza series. The dancers then performed a freestyle movement around the lights to create a dramatic and contemporary effect.

“To be able to have an editor anywhere in the world, or in our case, back at the studio, receiving clips straight away to edit by the time we’ve packed up and got back is exactly what we needed.”

“Being able to record and send the footage through the cloud using Frame.io completely changes the game and speeds the whole process up significantly,” said Keith. “We had one of our editors back in the studio waiting for the footage so he could start editing straight away. By the time we got back, we had something to review and send back to the college on the same day.

“Overall, using the Nanlite products with the Atomos Connect is the perfect way to improve your current workflow and deliver high quality content faster than ever before. The Atomos Connect has also given the Ninja a new life with cloud studio and live production, Atomos are adding to their devices and evolving them with the industries and our needs.”


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