1 February 2024

Creating the perfect music video with Elena Gudkova

Creative filmmaker and blogger Elena Gudkova (Cameragirlhelena) transformed a live music video into a musical masterpiece using Atomos and Nanlite technology. Here’s how the Ninja V+ monitor and Nanlite lighting system worked remarkably together to bring Elena’s vision to life.

By Atomos

Since the age of 16, Elena has specialised in shooting and editing music videos and has collaborated with many well-known technology brands. Having already worked with the Ninja V+, Elena was keen to utilise it further on her latest music project.

As with any music video, lighting plays a key role in creating visually dynamic content. Previously Elena would often use hand-held lighting equipment to stage her videos, so being able to enhance her project with Nanlite systems was an additional benefit for her. “Using hand-held lighting was a great experience but I am keen to improve this further,” she added. She began by positioning a combination of Forza spotlights around the band and directed light towards each member. She then placed PavoTubes on the floor and applied the ‘flash mode’ for dramatic effect.

“Using Atomos Connect to stream live on platforms such as YouTube is a valuable tool.”

To film the scenes, Elena teamed the Panasonic Lumix S5 camera with the Ninja V+ for ProRes RAW recording. Using the Ninja’s 5” highly responsive touch display, Elena accessed a range of monitoring tools to enhance her images such as Waveform, Vectorscope and False Colour.

The Ninja’s ability to transform into a portable streaming device by attaching the Atomos Connect module was a game changer. In Elena’s line of work as an Instagram blogger, it added even greater benefits. “Using the Connect module to stream live on platforms such as YouTube is a valuable tool,” she added.

When connected to Wi-Fi during filming, Atomos Connect simultaneously uploads proxy files via the Cloud to Frame.io, simplifying the editing process. After a long day on set, this streamlined approach proved valuable. “Atomos Connect makes postproduction faster and more comfortable, especially when you work with an editor and need a fast turnaround,” she said.

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