4 March 2024

Behind the scenes of ‘The Stage’

Filmmaker Tommy Rowe, of Rowe Films, goes behind the scenes of his dynamic short film ‘The Stage’ using the Ninja and Panasonic LUMIX GH6 camera.

By Atomos

‘The Stage’ follows the journey of professional MMA fighter Kris Barras who retired from the ring to pursue his dream of becoming a rock musician. Tommy explains: “This film showcases the transition from the cage to the stage; it’s an interesting one with lots of parallels to be drawn from what is ultimately two forms of art.”

Tommy wanted to capture Kris in his natural environment and take a stylised approach by experimenting with distinct colours. “My goal was to create a piece that had a balance between a movie trailer-like feel with documentary elements, Tommy explained. “I sought after getting a variety of footage for post production, so I shot through objects and used reflections and foreground elements to obtain some interesting effects.”

“I was really inspired by watching the film ‘The Batman.’ Their approach to photography was unique and I loved how stylised it was, so I wanted to incorporate some of these elements into my piece.”

Utilising the tools of the Ninja

By using the Ninja on set, Tommy was able to take advantage of all the monitoring tools available including waveform and false colour. Tommy adds: “Focus peaking is also a must when you are focussing manually.” He also recorded all his footage in ProRes RAW at 5.7K at 24 and 60fps, allowing him to capture the powerful scenes he hoped for.

“What I liked most about using the Ninja and LUMIX GH6 is that not only are they incredibly powerful tools when combined, but everything you need from a practical perspective is right there at your fingertips,” concluded Tommy.

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