2 July 2024

Setting sail for success

As Creative Manager for TIDE Media, Gareth Bartlett oversees projects for some of the world’s biggest marine and adventure brands. Days on set can vary – from managing teams of videographers at international boat shows to filming models and lavish boats in spectacular locations such as Monaco, Palma and Norway. Often faced with the need to turn around same-day social media content for clients, Gareth looked to Atomos’ Camera to Cloud offering to speed up his on set and post production workflow.

By Atomos

With a diverse range of locations and climates to consider, Gareth and the TIDE team expect their kit to deliver high quality images, yet be durable. The team deploys Sony FX3 cameras, finding the combination of full-frame sensor and wide dynamic range ideal for capturing content on the go. Paired with the Atomos Ninja Ultra, Gareth takes full advantage of the monitor-recorder’s high definition display to review footage and check image focus. “Quality, portability and size of the monitor are all practical wins but being able to see the bigger picture makes me feel more confident in my job, securing the best shots for clients,” he adds.

Simultaneously capturing wide and vertical shots often poses a challenge for Gareth, who recognises the importance of using both to his clients. The Ninja’s built-in monitoring features, such as frame guides and zoom control, allow quick changes at the touch of a button. “We often need to capture content in different aspect ratios, so we’ll film in 16:9 but use the on-screen 9:16 overlay to frame and crop shots. This feature is a big one for us as it takes a lot of guesswork out of the shoot,” he adds.

The additional storage option that Ninja brings is a welcome addition for Gareth, especially when shooting on location. “At boat shows we can shoot hundreds of boats each year, generating hours of content, so being able to record onto SSD is a massive benefit. We now shoot and edit from the same SSD – it’s another way we’ve removed the offloading process to speed up what we do,” he said.

“Being able to see the bigger picture makes me feel more confident in my job, securing the best shots for clients.

The turning point

The addition of the Atomos Connect module, which slots into the back of the Ninja, enabled the team at TIDE Media to send footage from boat shows wirelessly using Camera to Cloud (C2C) directly to their off-site editing suite – a feature which has become invaluable to them. “Camera to Cloud allows us to shoot continuously while the footage is sent directly to editors in the press centre who can start putting the clips together,” Gareth explains. This allows TIDE Media’s sister publications, Powerboat and Rib magazine, to share the latest content to social media within the hour. “The whole system works seamlessly to help us get footage quickly to the edit suite and through to social media in record time.”

Gareth adds: “Before C2C, we would have roaming videographers at boat shows offloading footage regularly at the press centre. Now we don’t waste any time running around huge convention centres and everyone has a defined role, which they excel at. C2C has revolutionised our workflows to support our goal of delivering our ambitious visions to our clients.”

While the task of content creation may not always be smooth sailing, the Ninja Ultra combined with camera to cloud technology has paved the way for more efficient, streamlined ways of working. For TIDE Media, what would have been a lengthy process to capture and share footage has been transformed, with Atomos’ kit cementing its place as part of their everyday workflow. Gareth and the team at TIDE regularly receive positive feedback from clients, as he recalls: “We get many comments about how professional our set up looks since adding the Ninjas. The entire workflow has been an absolute game-changer for us.”

More information: https://www.thetidestudio.com/

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