11 March 2024

Atomos Connect streamlines workflow for Armando Ferreira

Filmmaker Armando Ferreira was one of the very first to use the Ninja and Atomos Connect combination, producing footage for a well-known YouTuber. Read how he utilises the Atomos Connect product range to transform his production workflow.

By Atomos

Armando was tasked with capturing a series of clips for YouTuber Justine Ezarik to feature on her channel. Using the Ninja and Atomos Connect module enabled him to have a more efficient filming schedule, as the clips were simultaneously being sent to Frame.io for editing while the camera was still rolling.

Prior to using Atomos products, the team would have to go back to the studio and manually upload the footage before editing. Atomos Connect simplifies this process as editing can begin the moment the clips are uploaded to the cloud.

“If Justine’s editor wanted to, he could have a skeleton of the project completed by the time she got back to her studio. This eliminated so much time and allowed for a faster workflow.”

Seamless editing with Atomos Connect

When filming on a busy schedule, Armando and his team have their footage secured in multiple ways, making it less of a concern for post production. When using the Ninja and Connect module, files are not only stored internally on the camera, but proxy files are also uploaded to the cloud when connected to Wi-Fi. Armando added: “The proxy files and hero files recorded to the SSD are named the same. This means when you go back to the editing system and try to relink them the operation is seamless.”

“I really admire what Atomos is doing with Camera to Cloud, but more importantly they made it cost effective by having various options available to use. These products aren’t just for big productions; they can be used for small or two-person teams which makes the Atomos range more accessible for everyone.”

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