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Behind the scenes of UN/SEEN : Shot in ProRes RAW on Z CAM + Ninja V

July 1st, 2020

Go behind the scenes of UN/SEEN, an artistic abstract short film by filmmaker/director James Tonkin. UN/SEEN was shot on the Z CAM E2-F6 full-frame cinema camera and the Atomos Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder in Apple ProRes RAW. It demonstrates the amazing color and detail that is possible with the combination. The behind the scenes video was shot on the Z CAM E2 and Ninja V in ProRes RAW. Watch the finished video below. Or view in HDR here



The stunning series of macro shots were captured with Laowa macro lenses and edited and graded for HDR and SDR (Rec.709) versions in Apple Final Cut Pro X.

The Z CAM E2-F6 combined with the Atomos Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder creates incredibly detailed full-frame 12-bit 5.8K ProRes RAW images with wide dynamic range and beautiful colors. The E2-F6 interchangeable lens mount allows a massive range of cine and stills lenses to be used and their images perfectly preserved in an efficient RAW format. This RAW image is accurately displayed on the Ninja V in PQ or HLG HDR modes for maximum insight into the image when viewing.



Using Atomos RAW over HDMI technology allows this compact cinema camera to record up to 5.8Kp29.97 or 4Kp59.94 RAW direct from the camera to reliable and affordable SSD media. The dual native ISO feature provides exceptionally clean RAW images with minimal noise even in low light. The images created are perfect for HDR or SDR (Rec.709) production.

These features are now available on the Atomos Ninja V.



HANGMAN’s pioneering approach to production and post production is down to an early adoption of new technologies and willingness to embrace change. Our mix of production and post services means we can take a project completely from inception to execution allowing us to employ new creative approaches and techniques to create the best possible films.

Atomos products used

Below are Atomos products used in the production of this video.

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