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‘The Paddleboarder’ shot in ProRes RAW on Sony Alpha 7S III & Atomos Ninja V by Philip Bloom

July 27th, 2020

Join filmmaker Philip Bloom for a peaceful trip down London’s River Thames, all captured with the Sony Alpha 7S III and the Atomos Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder in 4K RAW. Bloom follows paddleboarder Julian Wakefield on the warm summer’s day trip and the results clearly demonstrate how filmic the RAW images from the combination look.

The Atomos Ninja V can record the RAW output of the Alpha 7S III over HDMI at up to 4Kp60 in Apple ProRes RAW, at the same time as beautifully displaying the images on its high bright 5″ screen. The Alpha 7S III has a state-of-the-art CMOS image sensor and the Ninja V can record its full dynamic range in Apple ProRes RAW for maximum detail and latitude in post-production. The resulting RAW files are optimal for HDR finishing, or for greater flexibility in SDR (Rec.709), giving stunning results in either. Images are recorded directly to affordable, reliable AtomX SSDmini or other compatible SSD drives for quick transfer to your editing system.

RAW recording with the Ninja V from the Alpha 7S III is limited only by your imagination. The combination will record ProRes RAW video for as long as you have disk space on your SSD and power for the camera and recorder. The active cooling employed means that internal record time limitations can be bypassed making a perfect setup for performances and long interviews. Optionally, RAW video can also be captured on the Ninja V at the same time as compressed video is recorded internally to memory card on the Alpha 7S III, providing several workflow options and a useful backup.

Note: This film was shot on a pre-production Alpha 7S III with a Ninja V running pre-release Beta firmware.

Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is a world-renowned filmmaker who, for the past 10 years of his 30-year career has specialised in creating incredible cinematic images no matter what the camera. Some of his most iconic work was created with Canon DSLRs. As one of the biggest evangelists for their use in productions his website became the place to go to for budding filmmakers as well as experienced ones keen to embrace the new technology.

Atomos products used

Below are Atomos products used in the production of this video.

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