April 13, 2020

Alan Stockdale shoots music videos with Sony FX9

Go behind the scenes with Alan Stockdale of Foundlight Productions to see how using a Shogun 7 HDR monitor-recorder helped achieve the vibrant look of Cornershop’s ‘St Marie Under Canon’ music video.  The importance of color accuracy and brightness hits you immediately in the opening frames of the video for Cornershop’s ‘St Marie Under Canon’. Alan shows how HDR monitoring using Shogun 7, combined with a Sumo 19 as a director’s monitor, allowed him and his director to get even more from the amazing images captured on a Sony FX9. “The Sony FX9 really does produce an amazing image and the Shogun 7 displays it perfectly in HDR or SDR” – Alan Stockdale, Foundlight Productions.

Watch Cornershop’s ‘St Marie Under Canon video in full here: https://youtu.be/MvdvaaEe7NE

Equipment used

Monitor: Shogun 7
Monitor: Sumo 19
Camera: Sony PXW-FX9

About the artist

Find out more here:

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