August 31, 2021

Hisashiburi’ 久しぶり – Shot in ProRes RAW on Sony’s Alpha 1 & Ninja V

Shot on Sony’s Alpha 1

‘Hisashiburi’ 久しぶり is a short film created by Joël Cruz captured using Sony’s Alpha 1 camera with the Atomos Ninja V.



Joël Cruz is a multidisciplinary creative and director based in Tokyo, Japan. As a Swiss-born, Italian/Spanish living in one of the world’s largest metropolis’ in Asia, Joël has learnt to become an observer: finding comfort in challenges, delight in dark corners, and poetry amongst the chaos. Trying to connect with people across many different cultures has shown him that creativity is the universal language everyone speaks – when you can’t speak the language, your ideas need to speak for you.



Watch now how Sony’s Alpha 1 and Ninja V perform shooting in ProRes RAW. ProRes RAW recording is now available for the combo with AtomOS 10.67 for Ninja V available at:


Check out the BTS of how the FX3 and Ninja V combination help bring Joel Cruz’s idea to life.




Equipment used

Ninja V: Monitor-Recorder
Sony Alpha 1: Camera

About the artist

With the skills and experience to not just dream up ideas, but also bring them to life, Joël’s work has been recognized with multiple D&AD, Clio, LIA awards, as well as a Grand Prix at AdStars.
Find out more here:

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