May 21, 2020

ProRes RAW Roadshow presentation with Brett Danton

This was shot using a Canon C300MkII, a five year old superseded camera, at the time the camera came out HDR was not really even a thing, and the cameras RAW output created huge files. Using the Atomos Shogun recording in ProRes RAW from the camera’s output we could capture the full dynamic range in a RAW format with easy manageable files sizes.

Monitoring on set with the Shogun 7 and Sumo 19 we had an end to end recording and monitoring HDR workflow. The ProRes RAW files were edited on a MacBook Pro monitoring via an Atomos Neon to finish in 700 nits for YouTube and Vimeo. Because of the ProRes RAW file size the entire workflow was done without any other external equipment or drives other than an Aja break outbox, FCPX can now on the latest Macs output HDR over HDMI for a laptop monitor set up only.

“Using ProRes RAW gave us an HDR finish with massive latitude on an older camera, the lighting on the day was minimal and the crew tiny” – Brett Danton (Director/DOP)

Equipment used

Monitor: Shogun 7
Monitor: Sumo 19
Camera: Canon EOS C300 Mark II

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