20 April 2023

Atomos goes behind the scenes of picturesque art studio with Ninja V and Leica

Melbourne-based cinematographer Levin Mundinger captures his friend and artist, Chrisanne Blennerhassett, printmaking in her countryside studio with the help of the Ninja V and Leica SL2-S camera.

By Atomos

Contending with bright lights and deep shadows in the workspace, Levin utilised the ProRes RAW feature with the Ninja V and SL2-S combination which gave him the distinct footage he hoped for in post-production.
The Ninja’s compact size and ability to attach to the camera easily made it the ideal accessory for shooting in Chrisanne’s workshop. “I’ve really enjoyed using the Ninja on set and utilising ProRes RAW,” he added.

“Atomos and Leica have created something unique here. Combining ProRes RAW through the Ninja V and Leica is something special and I look forward to using it more.”

The postproduction process

Once filming had stopped, Levin used Apple Final Cut Pro to make small adjustments to the ProRes RAW files during the edit. He was able to modify ISO settings, exposure offsets, and colour temperature.
Levin said: “Knowing that I have the flexibility of ProRes RAW really helps, especially when it comes to editing as I don’t have to worry about ISO or white balance. I can just focus on the composition, lighting, but most importantly the story that I want to tell.”

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