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AC-powered HDMI/HD-SDI converters - $195 USD / 195 Euros each

HD-sDi / HDmi DigitaL viDeo converters

Convenient & reliable

Connect-AC converters are powered by a standard figure-of-8 cable, which makes them convenient and reliable. No more unsightly – and potentially unsafe – external power supply units.

Like their battery-powered counterparts, Connect-AC converters offer much more than just format conversion. They also include a test pattern generator and audio test tone. We've even included a flashlight mode for use in dark locations!

Also like the Connect converters, there are two models: Connect-AC H2S converts from HDMI to HD-SDI and Connect-AC S2H converts from HD-SDI to HDMI.

There is an optional rack-mount kit available that can hold up to four Connect-AC converters.

Order Codes

Connect-AC H2S: ATOMACH001
Connect-AC S2H: ATOMACS001