Unbeatable in the Field

Shogun CONNECT combines portable monitoring and professional RAW recording, with support for integrated and cloud-based workflows.

Shogun CONNECT builds on the pedigree of the ground-breaking Shogun product line. Every detail has been redesigned from the ground up to make Shogun CONNECT the most powerful and versatile device Atomos has ever created.

Key Features

  • Our most powerful device for monitoring and recording
  • Compatible with a wide range of digital cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras
  • Professional video connectivity including 12G-SDI, HDMI 2.0
  • Monitor up to 8K HDR sources and use AtomOS tools to perfect every shot
  • Record in a range of professional formats including Apple ProRes RAW, Apple ProRes, Avid DNxHD/HR, or HEVC (H.265)
  • Includes full support for Atomos Cloud Studio


Featuring a super bright 7-inch 2000nit screen and multiple recording options, Shogun CONNECT provides a premium experience for HDR monitoring and RAW recording. In addition, it includes loop-through and cross-conversion functionality via its 12G SDI-IN and OUT interface. Shogun CONNECT supports SDI RAW inputs up to 6K at 30fps. It can simultaneously loop out standard YCC video via SDI and HDMI to multiple non-RAW compatible devices.

As you would expect from an Atomos device, Shogun CONNECT combines high-quality monitoring and many different industry-standard recording formats. It also transforms digital cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras into devices that support a range of advanced cloud-based workflows.

Redesigned Touchscreen

The new 7-inch, daylight-viewable, highly-responsive SuperAtom IPS touchscreen is perfect for outdoor use, even in direct sunlight. All the controls are there to perform the adjustments necessary to allow Shogun CONNECT to function equally well in darker environments.

Compact and Versatile

From individuals to large-scale cinema productions, Shogun CONNECT has been built to fit into any camera rig. It features a versatile mount that can be adapted to suit different industry-standard equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. Once locked in place the mount is highly secure and offers anti-rotation settings, so you can trust Shogun CONNECT to remain in place at all times.

A Complete Monitoring Toolbox

Shogun CONNECT offers a comprehensive range of monitoring tools including a waveform, focus peaking, false color, and frame guides to help you get the composition and exposure exactly right. The AtomOS software is so easy to use and the control it provides over your images for exposure, framing or focus.


RGB Parade

Vector Scope

Tap to Zoom

Focus Peaking

False Color with IRE scale


Isolate Color Channel

Cine and Social Frame Guides

Safe Areas SMPTE Frame

Grid Markers

Anamorphic De-squeeze

Display Flip Vertical

Frame Grab

Onion Skin Overlay

Powered for the Future

Shogun CONNECT is built around the latest ATOMOS silicon, the AtomIC3. The processor provides all the performance to handle the demands of the very latest cameras. It can manage higher frame rates and increased resolutions. Currently the device supports the RAW output of various cameras up to 4K at 120fps via HDMI or SDI, with 8K ProRes RAW recording of up to 30fps exclusive to certain cameras.

Wireless Remote Control

The AtomRemote app for iOS and macOS offers an array of external controls for Shogun CONNECT*. The app enables you to perform a range of configuration tasks and operations up to 15 meters away from the device via Bluetooth LE. Input options include the ability to define camera connections, select Gamma/EOTF, and adjust Gamut settings. For monitoring, AtomRemote can be used to control playback, choose monitoring modes, apply custom 3D LUTs, or view image analysis tools including exposure and focus. Output controls include options for 4K to HD, LUT preview, and HDR output.

* Scheduled for release Q4/2022

Wireless Timecode

Atomos AirGlu™ adds wireless timecode, sync, and control technology to Shogun CONNECT. AirGlu locks multiple Atomos devices or compatible cameras, audio recorders, and software applications together so that they share the same frame-accurate timecode. It is also able to relay recording, battery status, and disk capacity information to the server unit. Any AirGlu device can act as the server unit, which means you’ll no longer need a huge budget or get involved in time consuming post-production workflows to produce perfectly synchronized, multi-camera video.

Supported Resolutions & Frame Rates

To save space and support longer recordings, many cameras record compressed 4:2:0 8-bit video internally. If the camera is able to output video via HDMI, the quality can often be preserved in a 4:2:2 8-bit or 10-bit format. Shogun CONNECT can record more color information and immediately add value to your production with your existing camera rig. Additionally, if you’re shooting Log footage, the ability to bypass internal compression will offer the best possible dynamic range. Shogun CONNECT is designed to maximize the quality of your videos and allow you to extend every aspect of your creative vision.
Shogun CONNECT also includes 12G-SDI input, the standard on high-end cinema cameras, including the Sony FX series, Panasonic EVA1, and Canon EOS C series. The robustness and utility of SDI is critical for the productions that rely on it. SDI RAW provides the ultimate experience in terms of flexibility and quality, which makes Shogun CONNECT the ideal choice for big budget filmmakers around the world.


Resolution Frame Rate
4K DCI up to 4Kp60
4K UHD up to 4Kp60
2K DCI 2046 x 1080 up to 2Kp60
FHD 1920 x 1080 Progressive up to 1080p120
FHD 1920 x 1080 PsF only via pulldown to progressive
FHD 1920 x 1080 Interlaced 1080i50 / 1080i60
1280 x 720p 60p
8K RAW up to 8Kp30 Via HDMI
6K RAW up to 6Kp60 Via HDMI & 6Kp30 SDI
4K RAW up to 4Kp120 via HDMI / SDI
3.5K Anamorphic RAW up to 3.5Kp60 via HDMI
2K RAW up to 2Kp240 via SDI

Professional Codec Support

With flexible options for industry standard formats and RAW codecs, Shogun CONNECT records visually lossless “hero” files that are ready for editing and proxy/sharable files that look great but are quick to upload. Shogun CONNECT is designed to be versatile and meet the requirements of your workflow. Atomos understands the value in being able to select the format, quality, resolution, frame rate, or file size that best suits the needs of your production.

  • Apple ProRes RAW

  • Apple ProRes

  • Avid DNxHD/HR

  • HEVC (H.265)*



The 7-inch HDR touchscreen on Shogun CONNECT ensures that you always see an accurate representation of your image. You can check exposure and focus, apply custom LUTs, and zoom the picture to examine specific details. The tools are designed to provide confidence that what you see is what is recorded.

Shogun CONNECT supports popular Log formats from ARRI, Canon, Fuji, JVC, Nikon, Panasonic, RED, and Sony. These can be used to preview SDR or HDR LUTs in real-time. You can load your own custom LUTs in .cube format into any of the 8 LUT slots for monitoring,  loop out, or burnt in to the recording. Simply select LUT (*.cube) files from the removable SSD.

Supported Log Formats

    • ARRI
    • Canon
    • Fuji
    • JVC
    • Nikon
    • Sony
    • Panasonic
    • RED
    • PQ
    • HLG

Record without Limitations  

The ability to record up to 8K using advanced edit-ready formats including ProRes RAW, ProRes, and DNxHD/HR requires fast, robust, and expansive storage. Shogun CONNECT supports removable SSD drives, which provide the space and sustained performance to meet these needs. AtomX SSDmini drives are more compact than standard SATA SSDs and offer an affordable alternative to an SD card of similar capacity or performance. They support up to 4TB storage, sequential read speeds of up to 550MB/s and write speeds up to 500MB/s. The AtomX SSDmini drives are able to record up to 150 minutes of 4K ProRes. Measuring 8cm long, 7.5cm wide and weighing as little as 88g, the custom-built drive neatly fits into the Shogun CONNECT without impacting the overall footprint of the device.

There is an optional SSDmini adaptor that allows CFAST II cards to be used, enabling you to recycle older media cards or align with your camera media. Alongside SSDmini we also qualify a range of 2.5-inch SSDs that can be used in conjunction with the MasterCaddy III adaptor in the Shogun CONNECT box. 

With Shogun CONNECT the only limitation to how much you can record is the size of the SSD. A core principle of ATOMOS devices is to provide much more flexibility in terms of recording codec, resolution, and frame rate than is normally available with internal recording. SSD media also provides more GB per $ than camera media cards. This provides extended recorded times for long form productions or recording events. 


Introducing Atomos Cloud Studio

The Future of Production

Atomos Cloud Studio is a collection of online video production services that represent a radical innovation for all video content creators, streamers, and filmmakers. Cloud Studio allows Atomos network-enabled devices like Atomos Connect to livestream to popular platforms like Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, and custom RTMP/S destinations. It also offers full support for Camera to Cloud, either via Adobe’s Frame.io or Sony Ci media, to allow anyone with a compatible camera or device to be able to capture full resolution footage, simultaneously share proxy files, and collaborate in real-time.

Stream from Anywhere

Shogun CONNECT supports livestreaming to a range of online services including, Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, and custom RTMP/S. With Wi-Fi 6, Gigabit Ethernet, and the ability to join cellular hotspots all built-in, Shogun CONNECT helps filmmakers, streamers, and video content producers reach their audience from anywhere.




Remote Collaboration – in Real-Time

Camera to Cloud (C2C) is being used by production teams every day to share footage from the shoot with remote team members. C2C is the fastest, easiest, and most secure method to share media and collaborate in real-time. It creates a direct path from production to the post-production teams. Media can be transferred from C2C certified devices, over standard network connections, to the cloud from wherever you are, for viewing, approval, and editing. Shogun Connect opens C2C workflows to a significantly wider range of digital cinema, mirrorless, and DSLR cameras, allowing more filmmakers than ever before engage in cloud-based workflows and experience the future of production.

Adobe C2C works seamlessly with

Premiere Pro & After Effects

Turbocharge your video workflow.

Included with Premiere Pro and After Effects, Frame.io unlocks powerful ways to securely share, collaborate, and manage projects. All in one powerful place.

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Final Cut Pro

Power to the Editor.

Frame.io integrates directly into Final Cut Pro and unlocks powerful ways to share, collaborate, manage projects, and make everything happen faster — all from a single, powerful place.

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DaVinci Resolve

Integrates as if it were native. Because it is.

Frame.io is now a native feature inside DaVinci Resolve Studio — no installation required. And it unlocks powerful ways to collaborate, address feedback, and manage files and projects. All from one powerful place.

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Media Composer

The edit bay is now a command center.

Frame.io brings powerful tools to the Avid Media Composer workflow. So you can stay more focused, deliver faster, and collaborate across distances more easily than ever.

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