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We monitor and record professional audio and video from any HDMI or SDI device. Not only cameras, also Mac, PC, Game Consoles and Industrial devices. While we can record almost anything, to be useful you’ll want to ensure that your camera has a “clean output” i.e. no menu information on the sensor output.

The dropdown below will allow you to browse cameras that are compatible with specific Atomos devices. To search for compatible Atomos devices based on the camera you own try the ALL PRODUCTS page.

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Recording media compatibility

Most drives mentioned in the search results are standard SATA SSDs. Before use, insert them into our Master Caddy 2’s for a secure fit across all of our monitor recorders.
For any of the CFast 2.0 cards on the list, using the additional AtomX CFast Adapter is required.

Recording media compatibility


These results are from internal testing at Atomos. They are offered without guarantee, since drive manufacturers can change firmware without notice. We’re continuously working on keeping our compatibility list up to date, and any updates will get posted here regularly.
If you have any suggestions for a particular SSD, please let us know by contacting our support team.

General hints for drive compatibility

  • There’s a wide variety of 2.5″ SSDs available. While many claim impressive read and write speeds, these are based on the drive’s random access performance.
    For Video and RAW recording, only the sustained write speed matters. Selecting your SSDs based on the results of our internal testing is highly recommended.
  • The AtomX SSDmini is designed to fit the form factor of the Ninja V and NEON. By installing the optional SSDmini handle, it extends to the form factor of the Master Caddy II.
  • CFast 1 cards can be used with the AtomX CFast Adapter to load LUTs or install firmware updates, but they’re not suitable for recording.
  • 2.5″ HDDs that were previously used with our legacy products might still be compatible from a form factor perspective, but they’re not suitable for external recording beyond 1080p30.

Best practice hints for drives

  • Secure erase compatible SSDs before every shoot.
  • Always format your drive within your recorder.
  • If connected to a computer, safely eject your SSD following the operating system guidelines before disconnecting it from the reader.
  • Keep fingers away from the SATA connector at all times, as static electricity can damage the electronics inside.

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