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Monitor, record, and prepare for the era of cloud production

NINJA V 399 $/€ & NINJA V+ 599 $/€
for a limited time only



The newly announced received multiple awards at the recent 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas. To celebrate this achievement ATOMOS is today announcing special pricing for the NINJA V ($/€399) and the NINJA V+ ($/€599) until 30 June 2022. With this offer every customer will be able to enjoy the benefits of HDR monitoring and RAW recording today, while preparing the ground for the new era of cloud integrated production workflows.


As the world of filmmaking evolves to accommodate new ways of working with remote team members and cloud-based workflows, new a new range of tools are required. ATOMOS is once again taking a leading role providing these technologies and making them available to filmmakers at every level. When the ATOMOS CONNECT is released in June, it will become the ultimate accessory for NINJA V/V+ and will transform the devices are used. With support for Camera to Cloud (C2C) from (an Adobe company), the ability to stream directly to Facebook Live, Twitch, and YouTube, or take advantage of any of the other forthcoming services, the new workflows are fast, reliable, and secure. Filmmakers will be able to streamline their workflows, share footage with remote team members and collaborators, in real-time, anywhere in the world.


More about the NINJA V/V+

The NINJA V and NINJA V+ are used around the world to create truly breath-taking films. The comprehensive range of easy-to use technical and creative tools provide a myriad of options. With the NINJA V/V+, filmmakers can practice their craft with confidence and focus on the creative process. Whether you need to see more detail in the frame, experiment with LUTs to create different looks, or record with RAW formats to capture the most pristine images, the devices offer the options you need. The NINJA V/V+ are light, compact, robust enough to equip to any rig. Their versatility means you can take them practically anywhere and use them to make your film the way you want to.


Get the NINJA V for $/€399 and NINJA V+ for $/€599 (excluding local tax) now. Offer available for a limited time and valid on all devices purchased from May 6th – June 30th, 2022.

Trust in the Color

From set to the final grade, 4K/HD broadcast standard SDR reference with HDR preview monitoring

NEON 17 now $/€ 2,499 / NEON 24 now $/€ 3,999
(excluding local tax)



ATOMOS understands that filmmakers care deeply about the images they create and how important it is that monitoring technology provide the consistent, accurate color at every stage of the production process. The NEON Series offers a uniquely powerful for solution for precise 4K/HD, HDR/SDR monitoring and recording. Available in two sizes, both the 17-inch and 24-inch NEON represent the perfect solution for filmmakers who need accurate color, both on-set and in the grading suite. Today ATOMOS is introducing new, breakthrough pricing for both of the current models. The NEON 17 will be available for $/€ 2,499 and the NEON 24 for $/€ 3,999. The savings are significant and make the NEON even more compelling.


A forthcoming firmware update for the NEON will include new “instant control” options for the button bar and enhancements to the Rec.709 pipeline to provide true, industry standard, Broadcast Video Monitor (BVM) reference. Improvements to the NEON controls put all the key configuration options within easy reach. To switch the source signal or color space will require no more than the touch of a button. Quick, simple operations ensure smooth, efficient operation and allow the focus on creative or image analysis work. The changes to the calibration tools, will ensure that color remains consistent, accurate, and fully compliant throughout the production, from monitoring on-set to completion of the final grade.

Promotion Available April 4th – April 30th, 2022

Cash Back on NINJA V & NINJA V+

When you add a NINJA V or NINJA V+ to your camera it will transform the way that you work forever. You will be able to view your scene with bright 5-inch High Dynamic Range crystal clear accuracy that gives you confidence that every shot is perfect. Record slow-motion or high speed g standard and high-frame rates, different frame sizes (up to 8K on the NINJA V+) and a range of professional video formats including, HEVC (H.265), Avid DNxHD, Apple ProRes, and Apple ProRes RAW. Not only will you preserve more fidelity in your footage, but the flexibility and breadth of choice the devices offer also mean you’re not locked into a prescribed workflow. 


Valid on all devices purchased in the period March 4th – April 30th 

Receive USD 100 / EURO 100 / GBP 80 cash back on all NINJA V purchases 

Receive USD 220 / EURO 220 / GBP 175 cash back on all NINJA V+ purchases 





How to participate and claim:

  1. Purchase a NINJA V or NINJA V+ from a participating reseller 
  2. Complete the promotion form 
  3. Upload your receipt 
  4. Receive cashback return directly to your PayPal account.  

Valid Currencies and Participating Countries 

  • EURO (€) Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain 
  • USD ($) Australia, Canada, USA 
  • GBP (£) UK, Northern Ireland



Thank you for your purchase, to participate please fill out the form and upload a picture of your receipt. Processing will take up to 8 weeks and funds will be transferred directly to your account. Your financial data will only be used to complete the cash back payment. 

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Processing will take up to 8 weeks and funds will be transferred directly to your PayPal account. Your account information will only be used to complete the cashback payment.




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