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Canon EOS R5 C

The Canon EOS R5 C is an exceptionally powerful camera. It’s been designed specifically for filmmakers seeking the highest performance and epic quality in a compact and lightweight form factor. The 45MP full-frame, CMOS imaging sensor supports frames sizes up to 8K and a variety of frame rates. The EOS R5 C camera features a new heat dissipation system allows for extended takes and the most demanding production days. The EOS R5 C marks the next phase of the Canon Cinema EOS line-up. It supports the established lens systems and powerful Servo AF technology. When the camera is coupled with the NINJA V+, filmmakers will be able to record pristine Apple ProRes RAW up to 8K and 30fps. While the NINJA V supports 6K up to 30fps and 3K up to 60fps. This combination will propel filmmakers to a whole new level in terms of image quality and production value.

For All

With every 8K frame containing an astonishing 35,389,440 pixels, the EOS R5 C and NINJA V+ provide an incredibly broad canvas. As well as being one of the most affordable 8K solutions, they also create a range of flexible options in post for HD and 4K delivery. Shooting in 8K is one way filmmakers can future-proof their work and it can make content more valuable. This is especially true when it comes to licensing to stock footage libraries, but it can also provide advantages when it comes to utilizing creative crops during post. For projects that require delivery to social platforms an 8K frame can also be used to create multiple high-resolution vertical or square crops without compromising the original framing or the quality of the cropped picture. These can also be previewed directly on the NINJA V+ using the social media frame guides. 


without compromise

An 8K frame can provide an advantage when stabilizing clips in post. After adjustment, the resulting clip will most likely maintain a resolution equivalent to 4K or even 6K after the cropping that occurs. This means stabilized clips will combine well with other 8K footage on the timeline and still look great. 


ProRes RAW at 8K

ProRes RAW is the perfect medium for an 8K workflow and will be a revelation for any filmmaker who has experienced dropped frames with other formats. A modern Mac computer will playback full resolution 8Kp30 ProRes RAW with ease and bypass the cumbersome, time-consuming proxy workflows. Editing with Final Cut Pro will provide an unparalleled real-time performance and opportunities to adjust exposure, white balance and ISO settings for each clip in post. 

It’s impossible to overstate the innovations of ProRes RAW. By combining the flexibility of RAW with the speed, performance and convenience of Apple ProRes, it’s a format that is suitable for very filmmaker, every production and delivery platform from social media to cinema. The amazing efficiencies designed into the codec means that footage recorded with ProRes RAW can provide all these advantages while maintaining a file size that is equivalent to ProRes 422 HQ. 

The efficiencies of ProRes RAW make it possible to playback multiple streams of 8Kp30 ProRes RAW simultaneously. This makes it perfect for multi-camera projects. The built-in LTC input on the EOS R5 C also means that it’s suited for multi-camera productions. It can be used with the ATOMOS UltraSync One, a compact wireless sync device, which can be used to connect and synchronize multiple cameras. The technology is also compatible with the AtomX SYNC module for the NINJA V/V+. This means you can wirelessly synchronise the EOS R5 C to a range of devices including apps like MetaRecorder audio recorder from Apogee, Mavis Pro camera and MovieSlate8 logging for iPhone and iPad and professional audio recorders including the Zoom F6 and F8n and the bodypack recorder Zoom F2. 

All the RAW

The NINJA V/V+ provide support for a range of different frame sizes and frame rates. In addition to 8K at 30fps, the NINJA V+ provides support for 6K at 50fps and 60fps. The NINJA V/V+ offer support for 6K up to 30fps and 3K up to 60fps.


Ninja V Family Advantage

Alongside the ability to record stunning ProRes RAW, the NINJA V/V+ also provides an amazing experience for monitoring on-set. The 5-inch, 10-bit HDR display offers 1000nits of output, which means it’s viewable in daylight and is able to provide an accurate HDR preview in either HLG or PQ (HDR10) depending on the requirements of the production. The NINJA V/V+ is able to accurately display SDR footage and includes support for custom LUTs. 

The AtomOS software on every NINJA V/V+ provides a wealth of technical tools including Focus Peaking, 1:1 Zoom, False Color, Waveform and Vectorscope. Creative tools include a Safe Area, Cine and Social Media Frame guides, Onion Skinning and Frame Grabs. 


Canon EOS R5 C

Main Info
Connection HDMI
HDMI Type HDMI 2.0 Type D (Micro) 
Output Recording VIDEO Video 10-bit 4:2:2 Log 
Output Recording  RAW Up to 12-bit Linear RAW
Timecode HDMI Timecode
Trigger HDMI trigger
Audio Output 2 channels on HDMI
Audio Input 3.5mm Jack
Power LP-E6NH Battery 


Recording with Atomos


Supported Resolution Resolution Frame Rate Ninja V+ Ninja V
RAW Outputs ProRes RAW
8K (1.9:1) 8192 x 4320  23.98  YES  NO
  8192 x 4320  24  YES  NO
  8192 x 4320  25  YES  NO
  8192 x 4320  29.97  YES  NO
6K  5952 x 3140 23.98  YES  YES 
  5952 x 3140 24 YES  YES 
5952 x 3140 25 YES  YES 
5952 x 3140 29.97 YES  YES
5952 x 3140 50 YES  NO
(WFM disable on record) 5952 x 3140 59.94  YES
(2.4:1 cinemascope crop for WFM active) 5952 x 2480 59.94 YES NO
3K (1.9:1) 2976 x 1570 23.98 YES YES
  2976 x 1570 24 YES YES
  2976 x 1570 25 YES YES
2976 x 1570 29.97 YES  YES 
2976 x 1570 50 YES  YES 
2976 x 1570 59.94 YES  YES 


Disclaimer: All product features and technical specifications stated are subjected to Atomos’ sole interpretation and explanation.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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