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Canon EOS R5

The Canon EOS R5 is a well established and respected camera in the market for the aspiring & professional image-maker; renowned for its amazing video features, which now includes 8K ProRes RAW recording when paired with a Ninja V+ HDR monitor recorder. The EOS R5 is compact and lightweight with a 45MP Full-Frame image sensor. With the recent camera firmware v1.4 update it is now capable of outputting RAW over HDMI to a Ninja V+ at up to 8Kp30 and 5Kp60.


The Ninja V+ records 8Kp30 ProRes RAW from the Canon EOS R5 via a standard HDMI connection. Atomos and Canon have worked together for the past 2 years to bring customers a world first for capturing stunning 8K RAW and HDR images with incredible clarity and detail in a compact and configurable system that is very affordable when compared with other 8K setups. The possibilities you have when shooting in 8K are a true game changer. Canon and Atomos have democratized 8K for the masses with no compromise in quality. Additionally, the EOS R5 supports 5Kp60 ProRes RAW with Ninja V+ to provide even more creative latitude.


8K Workflow

Affordable, regardless of your delivery format

With the broad canvas of 8K resolution, your options for creative crops into a region of interest allow you to extract multiple 4K shots from a single camera angle. This allows you to create additional shots for cutaways to break up the edit, that are much higher resolution than if the shots were extracted from a single 4K source.

You can also create multiple high-resolution vertical or square crops in regions of interest in post for social media, which can also be previewed on the Ninja V+ with social media frame guides. This allows you to maximize the camera’s resolution to achieve 4K 9:16 vertical aspect ratios without having to compromise the way you shoot for mainstream delivery.


Stabilise without

The incredible resolution of 8K video means that even after cropping into the image as part of the stabilization process, the final shot will likely still have a resolution of 4K or even 6K. This means that it can integrate with your other 8K footage on the timeline, and still look great.


8K and ProRes RAW

The ProRes RAW format is a perfect vehicle for an 8K workflow, from ease of use natively on the timeline within Final Cut Pro to the flexibility of RAW image processing with full adjustment of Exposure, WB and ISO. Coupled with the proven Full Frame Canon EOS R5, lens systems and AF, this combination will propel content creators to a whole new level in terms of image quality and production value.



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Join Atomos and adventure film director, Levi Allen to hear all about the first ever content shot in 8K Apple ProRes RAW.

Watch the world premiere of the Atomos Ninja V+ recording 8Kp30 ProRes RAW from the Canon EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera. Canon and Atomos have democratized 8K for the masses with no compromise in quality. This combination gives the ability for creators to capture stunning and pristine 8K ProRes RAW images from such an affordable, capable, and compact camera system.


More power
Less weight

Pairing the Ninja V+ with the Canon EOS R5 gives you a powerful yet compact 8K camera package that fits in your hands and can be flexibly built out to suit your needs. It can become the basis of a compact cinema rig or you can easily create a lightweight setup. The Canon EOS R5 with a 24mm Cine Lens, Ninja V+, NPF battery and media comes in under 3KG/7lb, which can be easily carried by a wide range of aerial drones, gimbals and stabilizers as well as vehicles and robot arms.

Ninja V family

Ninja V+ allow users to monitor the RAW signal on its daylight-viewable 5” accurately 1000nit HDR screen. Setup is simple when the camera is attached with perfectly tuned color settings applied automatically. Users can then view the RAW image accurately in HDR in a choice of HLG and PQ (HDR10) formats. The Ninja V family offers touchscreen access to tools like waveforms, 1:1 magnification and focus peaking, allowing them to perfect their RAW video. The Ninja then records the Apple ProRes RAW data onto a removable AtomX SSDmini or other SSD drives. When shooting is complete, the drive is removed and connected to a computer via USB for immediate offload and editing.



Canon EOS R5

Main Info
Connection HDMI
HDMI Type HDMI 2.0 Type D (Micro) 
Output Recording VIDEO Video 10-bit 4:2:2 Log 
Output Recording  RAW 12-bit RAW (5K)

10-bit RAW (8K)
Timecode HDMI Timecode
Trigger HDMI trigger
Audio Output 2 channels on HDMI
Audio Input 3.5mm Jack
Power LP-E6NH Battery 


Recording with Atomos


Supported Resolution Resolution Frame Rate Ninja V+ Ninja V
RAW Outputs ProRes RAW
DCI 8K  8192 x 4320  23.98  YES  NO
  8192 x 4320  24  YES  NO
  8192 x 4320  25  YES  NO
  8192 x 4320  29.97  YES  NO
5K  5088 x 2680  23.98  YES  YES 
  5088 x 2680  25  YES  YES 
5088 x 2680  29.97  YES  YES 
5088 x 2680  50  YES  NO
5088 x 2680  59.94  YES  NO
Video Outputs
DCI 4K  4096 x 2160  24 YES YES
  4096 x 2160  25 YES YES
  4096 x 2160 29.97 YES YES
  4096 x 2160 29.97 YES YES
  4096 x 2160 59.94 YES YES
UHD 4K  3840 x 2160  23.98  YES  YES 
  3840 x 2160  25  YES  YES 
  3840 x 2160  29.97  YES  YES 
  3840 x 2160  50  YES  YES 
  3840 x 2160  59.94  YES  YES 
FHD 1080  1920 x 1080  50  YES  YES 
  1920 x 1080  59.94  YES  YES 


Disclaimer: All product features and technical specifications stated are subjected to Atomos’ sole interpretation and explanation.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Please note:

Due to large amount of processing required for high resolution or high frame rate encoding, the Ninja V screen and enclosure can get very warm during use.  This is completely normal and expected behaviour. The Ninja has various safety features designed to manage the thermal performance of the unit. However, we would advise to use caution when using the product in high ambient temperatures and at high screen brightness. Particularly when fully touching the product to swap the battery or SSD media. Please be aware to keep the product well ventilated and not to obstruct or block the air vents.

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