News from NAB 2024

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Camera to Cloud is an incredibly powerful workflow. At NAB 2024 we’re practicing what we preach, using Camera to Cloud to provide demonstrations on the booth, and to share the latest news from the show floor anywhere in the world, within minutes of the interviews taking place. Here’s how it works:

  • Roving reporters PhotoJoseph and Aaron Parecki will be our boots on the ground. They are shooting with a LUMIX S5II mounted vertically, recording Open Gate 2:3, 3968 × 5952 internally, and outputting vertical HD to the Atomos Ninja. For a detailed explanation of their rig, watch this video.
  • The Ninja is tethered to a Sclera bonded cellular backpack, which uploads the footage to Adobe
  • A remote editor downloads the footage from directly into their NLE, edits a sub-90-second vertical short for Instagram Reels, and publishes back to for review.
  • PhotoJoseph and Aaron review the footage, mark up any necessary changes in (which the editor will see directly on their timeline), then once the final edit is ready, download it to their phones for publishing to Instagram. It’s as easy – and fast – as that!

You can view a selection of the NAB show floor videos below:

NAB Day 1


Atomos CEO Jeromy Young shows Joseph the Sun Dragon.

Potato Jet x Smallrig

Gene from Potato Jet shows his latest collab with Smallrig.

Atlas Lens Co

Atlas Lens Co shows Joseph their latest 18mm Orion anamorphic lens.


Aputure shows Joseph their latest Infinimat series.


Checking out the new RØDE wireless interview mic at #NAB2024!


Checking out some new OBSBOT products like their UVC webcam to NDI box! #nab2024


AI based human tracking with PTZ cameras from @datavideo!

Atlas Lens Co

18mm super wide anamorphic from @atlaslensco!


Aaron meets Randall from Hollyland to talk about their new transmitters and even a new streaming camera!


Osee walks us through their new streaming devices making multicam livestream a breeze!


Elgato show Aaron their NAB booth and new streaming gear.

NAB Day 2

Kondor Blue

Lucas from Kondor Blue walks us through their best V-mount battery plate yet.


XKeys show us their new custom keyboard systems ready for broadcast, live streaming, and much much more.

Central Control

The new Central Control x XKeys collab means you can control an ATEM from an XKeys controller without going through a computer!


Elgato show off a new webcam with heaps of tech built-in and a brand new teleprompter with AI.

Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic design walks Aaron through their new SMPTE 2110 system.


Mevo walks Aaron through their NAB 24 booth.


Neartsream shows Aaron their newest gear for streaming.

NAB Day 3

Panasonic LUMIX

Panasonic walks Joseph through the new update for LUMIX S5iiX.


ARRI walks Joseph through their new Live Production back for Alexa 35.


Mevo walks us through their new fully integrated cameras for live streaming.


Julian from Epiphan shows Aaron their new rack mounted streaming system.


Magewell show Aaron some new gear for NAB 2024.


Sprolink show off their streaming equipment and newest video gear.

Panasonic LUMIX

Lumix walks Joseph through their latest update for LUMIX S5iiX


Fujifilm walks Joseph through their new Duva series lenses.

Z Cam

Z Cam shows Joseph their first PTZ camera at NAB 24. shows Joseph their latest version 4 update

NAB Day 4

Sony FX3 with Ninja

Jie from Sony walks Joseph through ProRes RAW with FX3 and the new shutter angle update.

Sony Ci Media

David Rosen walks Aaron through the newest features of Sony Ci Media Cloud.

Sony C3P

Aaron gets a first look at Sony's C3 media portal for sharing and live productions.

Sony PTZ

Drew shows off Sony's newest PTZ camera.

Canon Cinema Production

Joseph takes a look at Canon's NAB Cinema Production space with Atomos recorders atop each camera.

Canon Live Production

Ryan shows Joseph their NAB Live Production space filled with Atomos monitor-recorders. show off their Live system with Atomos Cloud Studio and connected monitor-recorders.

YC Onion

YC Onion shows Aaron their latest monopod system.


Amaran shows Joseph their latest additions to the lighting world.


Laowa shows Joseph their new lenses with lots of Atomos gear on their booth.