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YouTube goes HDR, Atomos new updates makes HDR upgrade even easier

November 17, 2016

Melbourne, Australia – 17th November 2016: Timed with the recent announcement by YouTube for HDR delivery, Atomos announces a new OS update to further broaden HDR compatibility and offers a limited time discount to make the HDR upgrade easier this holiday season.

The HDR wave continues to gather pace with YouTube adding to other content delivery platforms such as Google Chromecast ultra, Sony PS4 Pro, Amazon, Netflix and Vudu in bringing HDR playback to the growing population of people with HDR compatible panels. Now the race is on for content developers to create HDR content and with that comes the challenge for creatives to move to a new HDR workflow, in particular to get exposure for HDR in the field accurate. Atomos announces new OS and new promotional pricing to make HDR upgrading easier this holiday season.

The new pricing & functionality targets a move across to HDR, but the AtomHDR platform does not exclude SDR/Rec709 workflows. It in fact improves it! Exposing Log for HDR = cleaner SDR images ensuring you expose in the cleanest part of the sensor. The 1500 nit high-bright panel also improves SDR workflows making outdoor monitoring a breeze. The Atomos award winning AtomHDR monitors are best in class both now and the future.

Download the full press release below for more information.