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Sony and Atomos bring affordable solutions for ProRes RAW to NAB 2018

April 08, 2018

Atomos is delighted to announce that Sony’s new FS5 II with the Shogun Inferno 7” HDR monitor/recorder is the latest camera combination to support Apple ProRes RAW.

The FS5 II brings the number of ProRes compatible cinema cameras enabled by Atomos to nine, and also works with the Atomos Sumo19 production monitor/recorder. Atomos has worked with Sony to guarantee that the FS5 II can shoot in the new standard. Atomos monitor/recorders are currently the only ProRes RAW recording solutions for cinema cameras, includ-ing the FS5 II.

Importantly, the FS5 II will come equipped with FS-RAW output over SDI as stand-ard (originally a paid-for option on the FS5). Atomos will be able to record ProRes RAW, ProRes, DNxHR and CDNG formats from this output as soon as the camera is available.