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Atomos continues open standard creation with new Atomos, G-Technology Media Platform

June 06, 2016

Atomos partners with G-Technology® to integrate the innovative and patent-pending Atomos Master Caddy media system, with the G-Technology Evolution Series (ev Series) ecosystem, enabling a simpler shoot-to-edit workflow utilising the all-new Master Caddy III. The partnership will allow any Atomos Master Caddy, Gen 1, 2 and now 3 to be inserted directly into a G-Technology ev Series RAID and/or desktop media management system – lock and load.

Atomos burst onto the scene five short years ago with product innovations that have one-by-one broken down the limitations filmmakers face in delivering their creative vision to their audiences. The Ninja opened up ProRes recording to the masses; the Shogun fast tracked the move from HD to 4K; and the Flame/Inferno series in 2016 now promises a rapid industry-wide transition to High-dynamic Range (HDR). A cornerstone of all these transitions led by Atomos has been media affordability, allowing shooters to use open-standard affordable SSDs as an alternative to the high price and relative scarcity of proprietary media solutions that lock users into an expensive, proprietary system. The popularity of this open approach has been unprecedented with more than 150,000 Atomos monitor/recorders sold, and in turn an enormous amount of 4K and HD content developed that needs to be managed.