Press Releases

Atomos breaks the $1k barrier for 4K monitor-recorders

January 20, 2016

Atomos' commitment to delivering high quality, affordable production tools is reaffirmed today with new price points announced on the award-winning 4K monitor-recorders. The price drop will see Shogun with a $500 reduction, now at $1,495 USD and Ninja Assassin with a $300 reduction to $995 USD.

"We are very proud to offer such cutting edge technology at truly amazing price points. 4K for under 1K will continue to speed up 4K adoption globally” said CEO and co-founder Jeromy Young, “Don’t forget, these are the most affordable 7” Full HD monitors on the planet, ignoring the 4K/HD recording, playback, and editing capability we give you for free".

Atomos are also launching a new promotion for their smallest and lightest ProRes recorder and playback deck - the Ninja Star. Available for February, any Ninja Star purchased will also receive a 64GB CFast card free. With a RRP of $295 USD, the Ninja Star is one of the most affordable ProRes recorders on the market and now comes with $184 USD added value.

Atomos are also lowering the price of their popular HD Converters, Connect and Connect-AC to $195 USD.