Upgrade your Canon DSLR for HDR


Canon DSLR's are responsible for bringing the 35mm "film look" to the digital world with their large sensors and 24p capability. With an affordable price point, this sparked the digital revolution for filmmaking. The competition responded with advanced features like Log, causing many filmmakers to head to their competition.

Canon 5D MkIII

Thanks to Atomos and James Miller, UK based Cinematographer and post buff, the answer is here! James has developed C-Log Picture Profiles for Canon DSLR's. Alongside this, a package of amazing LUTs to compliment the log profiles.

This means that your 5D Mark III is now HDR! You can monitor and expose perfectly for Log using the AtomHDR engine. With the Expanded Dynamic range of these log curves and the power of ProRes recording direct to affordable media, your Canon DSLR is now back in the game.

Now that you have the expanded dynamic range from the sensor with C-Log you need a monitor that lets you accurately and easily expose for Log in the field. Enter AtomHDR - with 10.2 stops of dynamic range, a 7" high bright calibrated screen and patented HDR waveform and slider tools you have everything you need to create better HDR and Rec709 imagery.

Pair your Canon DSLR with a Ninja Flame and upgrade to HDR. Download the Atomos/James Miller C-Log package and get back in the game!

Philip Bloom
"Canon cameras produce lovely images and with only one of their DSLRs having C-Log (the 1DC) the Deluts version has been a godsend."
Philip Bloom | DP, Director, Filmmaker

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