An exciting partnership with G-Technology expands the affordability and workflow speed of our patented Master Caddy system by directly integrating it into the G-Technology range of ev Series solutions.


G-Technology Workflow


Choose SSD or HDD Master Caddy by G-Technology


Record in the field


Slide into ev Series Reader Atomos Caddy Edition


Dock and transfer files using ev Series RAID & Desktop Systems

Performance in the field


Metal Chassis design

The G-Technology edition of the Master Caddy is aircraft grade Aluminium for durability and portability


Sandisk Reliability

The Master Caddy is pre packaged with Sandisk SSD or HDD drives already approved for use with Atomos products


Interchangeable media

The genius of our Master Caddy system is that the media is completely interchangeable depending on availability, application or price


Compatible with ev Series

Integration with the ev Series means that there is no need to change out media from recording into editing

Models Available

Media Brand Model Name Media Type Capacity Support 4K 60p Support 4K 30p Support HD
G-Technology Atomos Master Caddy 4K SSD 1TB No Yes No
G-Technology Atomos Master Caddy 4K SSD 512GB No Yes No
G-Technology Atomos Master Caddy 4K SSD 256GB No Yes No
G-Technology Atomos Master Caddy HD HDD 1TB No No Yes