We'll support you. Whatever happens.

Diverse plan with pricing

Every step of the way

At Atomos, we always give support a high priority. We know you work under pressure, and your footage is precious. So now, we’re stepping up this commitment with Atomos Care360

We can do this because our products are more advanced, more mature, and more robust than ever. That means if they ever do go wrong, we can devote all the resources you need to get you going – every step of the way.

Atomos Care360 is available to all our customers and applies to all major Atomos products. All you need to do is sign up within 30 days of your purchase, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of a diverse plan with pricing options specifically curated to match each of our products.

Concentrate on your creativity, not your gear.

Extended warranty COVER

Here’s what you get with Care360

This is an extended warranty that will cover unforeseen faults and damage. We’ll cover you for two years, and that includes a free exchange program – even if the issue was your fault!*

We get it: life on the road is tough, and accidents happen. Of course, we don’t cover deliberate damage, but for everything else, you’re sorted.

*terms and conditions apply

Safeguard against project delays and repair costs.