AVID DNXHD/HR Activation

Avid DNxHD activation for NinjaV, Ninja 2, Samurai, Blade Series, Shogun & Ninja Assassin Recorders.

Avid DNxHD is a FREE upgrade for all NinjaV, Ninja-2, Samurai, Blade series, Shogun and Ninja Assassin owners. This is a one-time activation for the life of the product.

Ninja 2 & Samurai owners need AtomOS 4.0 or later in order to activate Avid DNxHD, Shogun and Ninja Assassin owners require AtomOS 6.2 or later for DNxHD/HR. The Latest AtomOS firmware can be download from the Support page.

You will also need your Device ID (DID) to generate an Activation Code:

  • Select the Menu icon from the main screen
  • Choose Ninja/Samurai/Shogun Info from the Menu Page

Your Device ID (DID) will be displayed.

Generate your Activation Code

Enter your email address and DID into the form below, and press Submit.

Email address:
Device ID (DID):

Now unlock your recorder:

1. Select the Codec Profile Page (Press ProRes xx, Top Middle of Main Page)
2. Select the blue arrow next to Avid DNxHD
3. Enter your 4-digit Activation Code above into the Unlock Codec Page then select OK
4. You will be asked to reconfigure for DNxHD
5. Now you can select the DNxHD/HR codecs


- When entering the Atomos DID information, please be mindful of putting in the number 0 as opposed the letter O.
- Avid DNxHR is only available to the Shogun & Ninja Assassin running AtomOS 6.2 or later.

Switching between Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD:

You will be prompted to restart the unit when switching between Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD codecs. Please follow the on-screen instructions.