AtomX CFast Adapter

The AtomX CFast Adaptor from Angelbird, utilizes the AtomX SSDmini form factor and allows you to use CFast 2.0 Type I cards for recording on Atomos Ninja V/V+, Shogun 7 and NEON.

Combined with the Angelbird AV PRO CF – CFast 2.0 memory card, you can capture RAW in high resolution and high frame rates.

  • Rock-Solid Build CFast to AtomX SSDmini Adaptor
  • Qualified Performance with Angelbird AV PRO CF – CFast 2.0 Card supporting: Apple ProRes / Avid DNx up to 4kDCIp60
    and Apple ProRes RAW up to 6k30p, 4k120p
  • Even utilise older CFast type 1 cards to upload and store 3D LUTs
AtomX CFast Adapter

AtomX CFast Adapter

$89 USD

Please note:
NOT compatible with Sumo 19/M, Shogun Studio 1/2 and Older Atomos Devices.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
All information correct at time of publishing.


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