August 28, 2020

‘The Blacksmith’ by Elle Schneider – shot on SIGMA fp
and Ninja V

Atomos Creator Elle Schnieder covers a story of the Village Blacksmith in Greenport, New York, all captured with the SIGMA fp + Ninja V in 4K ProRes RAW. Blacksmith Tom Barry gives a walkthrough of the tedious process of crafting a bottle opener out of a flat bar piece in his workshop.



About the film

The East End Seaport Museum in Greenport, NY, celebrates the rich maritime history of Long Island with activities and attractions ranging from a yearly maritime festival, to a saltwater aquarium, antique fresnel lenses, and tours of local lighthouses. While closed for the 2020 season due to current events, the museum has been able to keep its waterfront blacksmith shop open on weekends. Where it showcases traditional methods of forging, once used to equip a century of ships built in and servicing Long Island and the greater New York region. In this short documentary, village blacksmith Tom Barry walks us through one of the educational projects he demonstrates to visitors in the shop, explaining his tools, methodology, and a little bit of Greenport lore.




Director / DP: Elle Schneider
Music: Kevin Boucher, licensed under Creative Commons 0
Cut and graded in SDR with Final Cut Pro X



As one of SIGMA’s Cine Ambassadors, Elle Schneider has been shooting stills and video with the fp since fall of last year, and has found it a versatile tool with many applications both on set and off. With a full frame sensor housed inside a lightweight but sturdy body, the fp’s 12-bit RAW shooting capabilities allow users to unlock the true cinematic potential of this small, infinitely riggable camera. Capturing ProRes RAW from the fp using the Atomos Ninja V monitor is an easy to use, ergonomic solution to achieving RAW quality on set without inhibiting the portability of the fp. Not forgetting how its accessible workflow streamlines the steps required to work with other, data-heavy RAW codecs. Like traditional ProRes, ProRes RAW was created in partnership with Apple to become a ubiquitous, industry-wide file format, and is recognized in a growing number of popular NLEs and color suites.

Learn more about the East End Seaport Museum at





About the artist

Elle Schneider is a director and cinematographer working in television, features, and music videos, with a decade of experience working with RAW file formats for motion picture cameras. One of the first shooters to work with ProRes RAW before its launch in April 2017, she has previously created films shot in ProRes RAW for the Nikon Z6 using the Ninja V, and for the Panasonic EVA1 using the Shogun 7.
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