April 20, 2020

Jem Schofield explains AtomOS 10.3 for Ninja V

In this class Jem Schofield of the C47 does a deep dive into the latest features on the Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder introduced with AtomOS 10.31. He clearly shows how to set up and use these additions so you are ready to shoot.

Jem details how the update provides Ninja V users with the ability to manually apply a Full-to-Legal range conversion on the recorded input. The setting provides the option to legalize REC.709 inputs that are using Full range (8bit 0-255 / 10bit 0-1023) to accurately map these to Legal range (16-235 or 64-940) for increased flexibility with NLE systems.

He also looks at the new IRE % scale in False Color mode, where values has been added to help enable accurate exposure of skin tones when exposing, as well as the new frame guides in different aspect ratios for social media which make framing for Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Twitter easier.

The update demonstrates Atomos’ commitment to Ninja V customers by listening to their feedback and bringing new enhancements, making it even better.


Equipment used

Monitor: Ninja V
Camera: Fujifilm X-T4

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