31 January 2022

AtomOS 10.84.1 Firmware Release Notes

Ninja V

Important Note:

In order to record RAW from the Sony a7R V, you first need to activate ProRes RAW via the my.atomos.com portal. If you have previously activated ProRes RAW, you do NOT need to activate it again.

To activate codecs on your devices please visit: http://my.atomos.com

Log-in if you are an existing user or create a new account to access the my.atomos.com portal. Within your account you can add your product or access a previously registered Atomos product. When accessing your registered products, you’ll then be presented with options to unlock additional features.

Installation Instructions:

ATOMOS recommends that your Ninja V is plugged into mains power before commencing the firmware update.

  1. Insert a compatible, formatted HDD/SSD into the Docking Station.
  2. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the ATOMNJV.FW file to the root of the HDD/SSD.
  3. Eject the HDD/SSD (according to operating system guidelines).
  4. Insert the HDD/SSD into the Ninja V.
  5. Power on the Ninja V and the firmware update process will begin automatically.
  6. If your Ninja V is already powered on, you will be prompted to perform the firmware update when a drive containing new firmware is inserted.
  7. Once the update is complete, your Ninja V will power itself down.
  8. To verify if the firmware update was successfully completed, power your Ninja back on, navigate to the main menu and scroll to the info tab.

New Features:

Sony a7R V RAW Support

ProRes RAW Recording Specification via HDMI

Note: WB and ISO controls/slider adjustments are available for this camera in Final Cut Pro