Latest AtomOS for Ninja 2 Release Date Notes  
AtomOS 4.22 May 5, 2014 4.22 Release Notes
AtomOS 4.21 January 6, 2014 4.21 Release Notes
AtomOS 4.2 September 30, 2013 4.2 Release Notes
AtomOS 4.12 July 30, 2013 4.12 Release Notes
AtomOS 4.11 March 14, 2013 4.11 Release Notes

Accurate Audio Meters

Stunning audio meters have been added to AtomOS. Monitoring sound is accurate and easy. We've even included two layout options depending of your production.

Enhanced Multichannel Audio Page

View your audio meters like never before with the visually enhanced 4 channel audio page. See peak and average levels with digital clipping indicator, and VU ballistics. Accurately see -30 to 0 dB (dBFS) shown with -18dB and -20dB alignment levels markings.

Delay Audio Inputs

Frame accurate audio delay option to adjust any digital or analog Audio delays. Option found in Audio page.

Nikon D800 users will need to set their audio delay to 3 frames - old audio delay settings will be reset.

Canon 5DMkIII users can now adjust the 4-6 frames audio delay from the analog audio out of the camera.

Sony Alpha 99 users can adjust for the 1 frame audio delay.

More Display Options

Options for changing the layout of the audio meters to either 2 or 4 channels on monitor page can be found in Display menu.

Canon 5D Mark III users can now enable input color correction to match REC709 standard.

2:2 Pulldown Indication

When 2:2 pulldown is on, a “2:2” icon is displayed next to the input format indication.

Other Great Improvements

Time Remaining For Media More Accurate

Improved drive size calculation to ensure recordings will not attempt to start when the drive is full.

Easier Date Setting

Fixed difficulty with setting year if date is completely reset. Year setting now starts at 2013

Sony FS700 Support

Added Sony HDMI record start/stop triggering for the FS700 and other capable cameras

Analog Audio Corrected

Fixed analog audio channel recording when only the analog channel is selected.

Recording Improvements

Fixed corner case encoding issue with some camera and cable setups.